Finding what you are looking for

Yahoo recently added to it arsenal in order to gain advantage in the search services battle.
Ellyssa Kroski has written an excellent article, The Hive Mind: Folksonomies and User-Based Tagging, which really helped me grasp how to find what I want on the web.

“We are on the cusp of an exciting new stage of Web growth in which the users provide both meaning and a means of finding through tagging.
The wisdom of crowds, the hive mind, and the collective intelligence are doing what heretofore only expert catalogers, information architects and website authors have done. They are categorizing and organizing the Internet and determining the user experience, and it’s working. No longer do the experts have the monopoly on this domain; in this new age users have been empowered to determine their own cataloging needs. Metadata is now in the realm of the Everyman.”

By using My delicious, My flicker, My 43 things, My etc., I have made a quantum leap in finding, organizing, and saving knowledge that will enhance my potential.


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