Really Simple Sharing

Dave Winer just announced that Ray Ozzie, in his Blog, is demonstrating Microsoft’s transparency by describing Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) for RSS and OPML.

Early on, after we had a prototype going, I met with Dave to tell him about it and perhaps get him involved.  Immediately at our first meeting he spotted its potential to solve something else he had been thinking about – replicating changes among OPML lists or outlines being managed within different services or by different people.  He challenged us to see if the same SSE mechanisms could be applied to OPML.  As it turned out, only minor changes were required.  In essence, by connecting these dots between what we’d done to extend RSS and his vision for OPML, Dave’s catalyzing a new form of decentralized collaborative outlining.
Here’s the draft spec for SSE, and here’s a FAQ that we put together.  A forum where we can talk about it amongst implementers will be forthcoming.
One other important point:  We’re releasing the SSE specification under a Creative Commons license – Attribution-ShareAlike.  I’m very pleased that Microsoft is supporting the Creative Commons approach; you can see more about this at in the licensing section at the end of the spec.


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